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We assess, diagnose and manage your vision and eye health.

The signs and symptoms of many eye health conditions can go unnoticed until they are quite advanced and have become detrimental to the vision in the affected eye or eyes. Most damage due to eye health issues is irreversible but the progression can be slowed and in some cases halted if treated early enough. For this reason, regular eye health checks are recommended. At Kosmac & Clemens Optometrists we perform a comprehensive eye health assessment that will screen for the following eye health issues:


Diabetic related changes


Macular degeneration

Dry eye

Eyelid conditions

Pterygium (Fleshy growth on the front of the eye)

A fleshy growth that usually forms on the nasal side of the white of the eye. Non- cancerous. Needs removal if it gets too big or is often irritated

Referral and After Care for Laser Eye Treatment

We can do some preliminary testing before you see the laser surgeon (in Melbourne) and we are able to do all follow-up visits to save you having to travel to Melbourne repeatedly after the laser treatment is complete (this saves you FIVE trips to Melbourne)

Foreign body removal

We can remove ALL foreign bodies including embedded, rusted metal ones, insect wings, sand, splinters – anything. All removals are performed under a local anaesthetic (drops – no needles!) Our optometrists are all able to prescribe appropriate antibiotics to use after FB removal to prevent infection

Removal of ingrown eyelashes

This is a quick and painless procedure that can always be performed on the day you call in. Ingrown eyelashes rubbing your eye are very annoying and we are happy to help. These visits are bulk billed to Medicare.