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The challenge of growing up in such a high tech, fast paced environment is great enough without throwing in the obstacle of doing it all without the best vision possible. At Kosmac & Clemens we recommend that children have their eyes tested before starting school to ensure their vision won’t be interfering with their learning. Children are subject to most of the refractive errors of adults but their developing eye muscles and their visual information processing system may also need a little help to keep them on track.

Bring your child in for a comprehensive eye exam with one of our dedicated optometrists and have all of the following conditions checked:

Long sighted

Short sighted


Colour vision


Lazy Eye / Amblyopia

Learning Difficulties

Many children struggling at school have undiagnosed vision problems. We have a specialised Children’s Vision Clinic to see whether your child needs glasses, vision training, spatial awareness training and many other abilities are assessed. Referrals welcome. Is your child’s teacher concerned with their progress? Let us help!

Turned Eyes / Strabismus